Why a Brand, Not Just a Logo Design, Is Vital to Profits

Why a Brand, Not Just a Logo Design, Is Vital to Profits

When you think about branding or rebranding your business, do you automatically think “logo design”? Many business owners think they are following strict branding guidelines once their logo design is developed and placed on everything from business cards to uniforms.

A company’s “logomark” is only a part of the branding workhorse. Creating a memorable brand that is capable of gathering loyal followers is so much more than a logo design.

Both are important – do you know why?
A logo design is a graphic representation or symbol of a company name or product that is designed to increase ease in recognition.

A logo design is like a pair of glitzy shoes… it’s a big part of a complete ensemble. The “logomark” is an easily identifiable element, yet it’s the whole package that helps elevate the business.

For example: We wouldn’t have to display the logos for Nike, Amazon, McDonald’s or FedEx, as you could easily envision them within seconds. However, these logomarks go the distance because they are consistently supported by all of the other branding elements. They are ONLY this recognizable because of years of comprehensive and consistent branding.

Branding is the development of a complete and unique image for a product/service in an effort to establish a significant and identifiable “position” in the marketplace. Effective branding includes elements that project:

  1. Who you (your company) are.
  2. What are your products and/or services?
  3. What makes your product/services better?
  4. Who do your products/services appeal to?

The answers to those questions are not single-minded or linear. In order to fully bring the product to life, the branding must encompass product attributes, values and characteristics.

For example, let’s say you own a company similar to Sharper Image, except with more unique and expensive product lines. You might single out the following as being the key ingredients when developing the branding.

  • Our product line is completely unique; there is nothing else like it.
  • Our products appeal to customers who consider themselves to be eccentric/one of a kind.
  • Our products are quality-reliable and consistently as promised.
  • Our pricing to value is clear and acceptable.
  • Customer service is our number #1 priority. Each point of contact will be above-average.
  • You can always trust our products and our company.
  • Customers who have an ongoing relationship with our company will be thanked and reinforced with bonuses and special promotions.

Encompassing all of that information in your marketing communications in clear, concise and consistent ways is what separates the memorable brands from those that are constantly treading water.

Here are some of the elements that need to be considered when developing a strong brand:

For starters, a well-crafted logo design is important to all size companies, particularly those that have growth objectives.
Some of the other elements are often overlooked, as they may seem insignificant to business owners who are not marketing experts. They include details such as font selection, color palette, tone of message, slogan/catchphrase, graphic elements, image media selection and more!

Finding the perfect elements to illustrate the company’s defining elements are what make up successful branding and why it generally takes a team of marketing professionals to discover and bundle the most synergistic and powerful visual, audio and written tools.

Logos, Branding and Evoke!
Evoke Idea Group is comprised of advertising and marketing experts who have the experience, insights and proficiency to create a memorable logo and develop branding that is engaging and sustainable for both short- and long-term success. We will ponder all of your particulars and bring them to life! This is paramount to your success; let your prospects clearly understand why they should clamor to do business with your company.

Please take a look at our examples of logos and branding projects and you’ll see what we mean!
When you’re ready, we’d love to connect and discuss how Evoke Idea Group can further your company’s identity in the marketplace! Contact us today for a complimentary 30-minute conversation at: hello@evokeideagroup.com or (630) 879-3846.


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