6 Steps to Successful Holiday Marketing

6 Steps to Successful Holiday Marketing

The holiday season can be intimidating for business owners and marketers who aren’t sure whether to opt out of holiday marketing or go full speed ahead. Of course, if you’re a retailer the approach is more cut and dry.

However, if your business sells products and services that don’t seem all that holiday focused, don’t fret. There are plenty of opportunities to capture your marketing share of the season’s increased spending. Besides Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Sunday and Monday, there’s always time for an after Christmas sale blitz or a New Year’s resolution promotion. There are plenty of holiday marketing opportunities to boost sales, even if B2B is your mainstay.

Are you planning on capturing more seasonal sales this year or still worried about whether your marketing dollars are going to be wasted? It’s no longer about traditional retailers getting the majority of what is now a $1 trillion-plus season. It’s about careful advance planning, implementing the 80-20 rule, creating marketing that speaks to specific needs, and including a call-to-action that stimulates urgency.

If you follow this 6-step plan, it’s very likely your holiday marketing season blues will be replaced by holiday cheer!

Step 1: Determine the path of least resistance

Unless you are a jumbo retailer with an astronomical marketing budget, maintain focus on the specific day(s) your target audience is likely to respond to your holiday marketing. In this instance, we mean target the 20% of your customers that produce 80% of your sales. You know who they are and if you don’t, start by identifying them. They are the repeat customers who keep coming back for more. If your product or service is most aligned with Black Friday sales, New Year’s resolution sales or more, then develop your holiday marketing campaign to increase momentum up until that day!

Step 2: Select key products/services to promote

If you have new items that have not been introduced, higher priced items that could be offered at a lower price or those that need to be replaced often, determine which would be most attractive and in demand within that customer group. Don’t promote run-of-the-mill items unless they are always in high demand. Be selective!

Step 3: Decide the best method to reach those specific customers

Based on your budget, the type of goods being sold and the desire to connect with your 20% repeat customers, which marketing channels offer the least amount of holiday marketing clutter? Direct mail? Email campaign? Facebook or online advertising? Website or landing pages? Co-op advertising?

Step 4: Create engaging, memorable campaigns that stimulate immediate interest

You could be giving away the moon, but if your graphic design doesn’t put a high-beam spotlight on your company’s offering you will not get the results you’re after. The winning formula: an engaging holiday theme coupled with the right product(s) within the perfect price range.

Step 5: The Call-to-Action (CTA) must be clear, visible and easy to use

Have you ever tried to use a CTA link that didn’t work, or brought you to the home page of the website without directing you to what was being advertised? It happens all of the time. It’s frustrating as it’s a time-waster and a turn-off for future visits. Make it easy for your customers to buy more! Today’s consumers are impatient and clearly understand they have many options. Give them a seamless experience and they will keep coming back for more.

Step 6: Track your results

This applies to in-store and online – you can’t improve if you have no way of knowing what worked and what didn’t. That means your operation has to be primed to keep track. Online tracking is much easier than in-store, because of Google’s and Facebook’s amazing analytics. In-store tracking can be accomplished in a couple different ways, but the easiest method is to have your POS system programmed to include “How did you hear about this” notations. The second method is for the cashiers to ask purchasing customers and keep a log, but that is less likely to provide accuracy.

Our experience clearly suggests that it’s better to go the distance with specificity than opt out! Target your money on selling to the right customers through the most effective channels with a unique or exclusive offer for a limited time period in order create urgent purchasing. Avoid the trap of budget-spending in the hopes your message will rise above the increased advertising clutter!

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