Is Your Logo Driving Business Away?

Is Your Logo Driving Business Away?

A logo sets the tone for your marketing efforts and speaks volumes about your products, services and business in general. Having the right logo—one that’s modern, attractive, fresh and authentic—can help you build a strong marketing foundation that your business can count on.

Wondering if your logo is outdated? Here are four questions to consider:

  • How dated does the logo look? Just because your logo is old doesn’t necessarily mean it looks old. Right now, logos that feel modern are generally flat and clean. Your logo might have some older design trends that give it away. If your logo does look super-dated, it can lead people to believe that your product or service is also dated—so it’s important to get an accurate understanding of how the logo comes across.
  • Are your files usable? Your marketing efforts might call for logo files that you don’t actually have because your logo was created too long ago. If the logo files you have are not compatible with the marketing you want to do—or if they are hindering the possibilities or quality of your marketing efforts—it’s most likely time for a new logo. Your company logo should work for social media efforts, promotional efforts, digital marketing and large-format marketing too. Don’t be hindered by an old logo…it’s not worth it.
  • Do your competitors have better logos? Your potential clients and customers are comparing you with other companies. If you don’t look up-to-par, you won’t be in the running. Your logo and branding are the first impression your prospects get when they are comparing things. If your logo doesn’t help customers pick you, it’s time for an update.
  • Does it align with the message you want to portray? Sometimes a logo just doesn’t align with your business goals or mission. Maybe it used to—or maybe it never did. But it certainly should. Your logo should support branding efforts that create engagement with your ideal clients based on your authentic business.


If your logo is outdated, here’s what you can do…

Keep the good, get rid of the bad! A logo overhaul or complete redesign isn’t always necessary. Perhaps your logo simply needs a refresh. Maybe your logo has brand equity because it’s been around for decades. We understand. A logo refresh means the principles of your logo will remain intact. The new logo design will still tie to your company’s history, colors or elements that were working—it will just be modernized so it feels current. A logo refresh can make a drastic improvement.

Want to see if you need a logo revamp or overhaul? Logo identities are one of our specialties. Contact us today for a free 30-minute conversation at: or (630) 879-3846.

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