One Simple Relationship to Maximize Marketing Efforts

One Simple Relationship to Maximize Marketing Efforts

One of our team members recently called a company to inquire about special offer on a marketing piece received. Imagine their surprise when the service representative wasn’t aware of the promotion.

This type of disconnect happens all the time. It leaves a bad impression on customers and it sends well-intended marketing dollars down the drain—all because one relatively simple thing was missing: cohesion between marketing and customer service.

To turn this type of exchange into a brand-building, loyalty-building experience, one thing is critical:

Marketing must inform customer service—about everything.
How? Here are the steps we recommend:

  • Print the promo and stick it to the customer service bulletin board…so when a customer calls referencing a marketing piece (“It’s red with an airplane…”) the representative will see it and be empowered to help. Even better, produce a few extra pieces so the representative has a physical copy to reference.
  • If customer service has a daily or weekly meeting, make sure you’re on the schedule to briefly describe what’s happening in marketing.
  • Email, with images, all initiatives to the entire customer service team.


The moments it takes you to ensure customer service is well-informed will truly help your organization build loyalty and retain customers.

But the benefit doesn’t stop there. To get the most of marketing, the communication should go both ways because:

Customer service is a goldmine for marketing.
There is so much valuable information in customer service that marketing can use. Customer service has a front row view into customers’ questions, concerns and hesitations. When marketing can tap into this wealth of information, their efforts become more powerful. Our recommendation is to:

  • Integrate and develop the relationship with customer service. If your organization doesn’t already have a close-knit relationship between customer service and marketing, be the relationship builder.


At Evoke Idea Group, we want your marketing efforts to achieve the best results possible—and we dive into the bigger picture—from strategy and design to internal communications—to get you there.

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