Being Liked is Nice, but Social Engagement is What Counts

Being Liked is Nice, but Social Engagement is What Counts

Many companies, who are either new to digital marketing or have not had the conversion success they expected, were often misdirected to think social engagement campaigns should focus on garnering “likes”.

However, increasing “likes” is nothing more than an uptick of social approval. It is not actual social media engagement or evidence of an increase in potential prospects or revenue growth. If no one’s showing interest in learning more or buying the products, then the social engagement efforts are being wasted.

“Likes” are flattering, yet deceiving
Social media campaigns often produce a large response of “likes”, depending on the creative and/or controversial content of the ad or post.

A Facebook example will demonstrate this more clearly. Let’s say you have a company page and you decide to send notifications to all of your contacts inviting them to “like” the page. The more “likes”, the more popular the page looks to newcomers, so there is some value added.

However, from a practical standpoint, if “likes” don’t convert and create social engagement, then why spend time and money to collect more?

The “likes” are basically comprised of these four groups:

The “Freebee Hunters” are those who are looking for contests, giveaways and cheap deals who drop by to sign up even though they have little or no real interest in your product or service.

There are the “Nice-Guys”: People who will take the time to respond and “like” company pages, just to be dutiful. Although good-intentioned, their response is somewhat meaningless. This group rarely stops to review the company’s products or services. They are just “helping out”.

Then there are the “Looky-Loos”: This group might mosey over to the company page to check it out. They might even be a perfectly qualified prospect. Yet, if the page isn’t engaging or provide a reason to return, they will bounce out within seconds and you may never see them again.

Lastly, there are your competitors who are looking high and low to see what they are up against.

All of these types will inflate your ego and your response rate, but not your revenue.

Have you ever been excited about campaign results after seeing a surge in “likes”, then realized the actual social engagement conversion rate was nil? You were probably left with nagging questions, like:

  • We spent so much time and energy on the campaign, why didn’t it pan out?
  • So many people entered our contest, but sales have not increased.
  • How could over 10,000 visitors “like” our company page yet less than .05% took action?

The bottom line: If you’re not creating campaigns that entice prospects into the sales funnel and keep them engaged until they are ready to buy, then your marketing budget is not pulling its weight. It’s important to know the difference between the social engagement of “likes” and “followers” and how to develop a stable of potential customers.

Engaging Prospects: 101
The first rule of discovering how to effectively engage your audience is logical, yet manages to escape the majority of online businesses. Take the time to understand what your customers/prospects want, when they want it and how. Online research will help you uncover loads of detailed information. The more you understand their motivations, what they read, where they “hang out” online, etc., the better!

  1. Each social media platform offers different methods with which to find and connect with prospects. We, at Evoke, successfully use the ins and outs of each platform’s tools to get the highest conversion rates within the scope of the campaign.
  2. Think outside of the box. Don’t run a contest to attract the masses. Post an article that requests comments, a relevant contest, a quiz or anything that is interactive and pertains to the subject matter (YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE!).
  3. Analytics are key! If you’re not tracking each and every visitor’s reaction, response and movement, then you are still guessing. Google Analytics offers detailed information that can help steer your campaigns onto a much more profitable road! We love those itty-bitty details and metrics and use them to our clients’ benefit!
  4. Using a professional service that can utilize your budget efficiently and effectively is much more prudent than throwing money at every new marketing gadget/tool you run across. When you think “pro-grade marketing help is expensive”, do the math. One strong, cohesive marketing strategy could be all that’s needed to push your sales to the next level!

Evoke Idea Group has spent years perfecting, expanding and activating social engagement campaigns that include unique content, blogs that get shared, online events, webinars, lead generation campaigns and so much more. We know how to keep customers interested while providing motivating reasons to take action. A solid stable of true followers are those who are genuinely interested in your company’s products!

We would love to show you how we can help evoke the right responses and conversions from your prospects. Isn’t it time to enjoy a new level of success? Evoke Idea Group can boost your results consistently! Contact us today for a complimentary 30-minute conversation at: or (630) 879-3846.

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