The Power of Sharable Content

Consumers are becoming increasingly content-driven. Gone are the days when TV and radio ads or billboards by the roadside were the only voices you heard. Now, it’s Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter and push notifications, text messages and Snapchat. Everywhere you look, a message or brand is promoted.

While it may seem like we’ve reached the point of market saturation, there is unprecedented room for growth when it comes to marking your business and brand. What draws a consumer to interact with your brand when a dozen others are trying to pull them in? Two words: sharable content.

Sharable content is the golden ticket for marketing. While you need a holistic marketing plan, including email campaigns, a website and advertising, sharable content can help take your brand from relatively unknown to a household name.

Sparks Increasing Interest
Your customer base wants to interact with you. They want to be a part of your brand, part of your company, and part of your vision. Fewer and fewer customers wish for a simple transaction that allows them to purchase your service or product, then walk away.

Sharable content provides an outlet for consumers to become brand ambassadors for your company.

When someone shares content, it sparks interest with their entire network of friends, connections, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances. Get someone to share your content, and you could very quickly get a conversation going over their shared appreciation for your brand and why everyone needs it.

Grows Fan Base
Sharable content grows your fan base. How many times have you noticed a sharable posted by a friend and clicked through to find out more? Like begets like, and the probability is high that customers who like your products will have friends that will like them too. Organic sharing will naturally grow your fan base as conversations are started about your products or services.

Resounds Deeply
Sharable content speaks to a deeper need of every consumer: the need to be involved. From elementary school onward, the drive to be a part of something is essential to the human experience. Your customers may never perform paid work for you, but they will fulfill their longing to be a part of your company by sharing your content. Sharable content gives consumers a sense of purpose, community, fulfillment, and pride; they are given a small slice of felt-ownership in the simple task of sharing.

Has Elements of Action
Not all sharable content gets shared. In order to produce excellent sharable content, your messages should contain essential elements that encourage consumers to act.

Provides a Practical Call to Action
We all love to act. The best sharable content offers a call to action that involves consumer involvement. Actions can include taking a selfie with your product, giving your company a shout-out on Twitter or Instagram, tagging you, posting a picture of your product, listing five reasons why they love your product, and asking other friends to re-share their post. The more you can get a consumer to interact with your product, the better your sharable content will perform.

Promises Something in Return
Everyone loves getting a gift. If you want consumers to share your content, an easy way to get them to engage is by offering them something in return. Your deliverable doesn’t have to cost much; it can be as simple as a product discount, an entry for a raffle, or even a shout-out on your company social media page.

Affirms a Core Belief
Sharable content must resonate with your audience and affirm a need, idea, or belief they have. No matter how practical your call to action or enticing your promises, if a consumer doesn’t believe they need you, they won’t share it. However, when you strike a chord with a person’s felt need, they’ll happily do so. A consumer’s mind decides whether they will share your content within seconds. Your sharable must quickly lead them to think: “This content affirms a belief I have. I need this and other people do, too. They have given me an incentive to share it. I will.”

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