Crowdsourcing Brand Awareness

Whether you’re a small business, big business, non-profit, or solopreneur, your brand is the most critical part of your company. Your brand identifies your product, your niche, your philosophy, and your business. Without a brand, you become faceless and unidentifiable.

So what happens when you have an on-point brand, but your business isn’t gaining much traction? You turn to your customers. By involving the people who support your business, you leverage a power unknown to traditional advertising and marketing. It’s crowdsourcing brand awareness, and it just might revolutionize your business.

Crowdsourcing brand awareness isn’t a new concept, but its potential has barely been tapped. Major companies such as Airbnb, Doritos, Starbucks, and Lay’s are perfect examples of big brands that use crowdsourcing to launch their brands higher onto the consumer awareness scale.

What can crowdsourcing brand awareness do for your company?

Gives You a Wider Audience
Using crowdsourcing as a brand awareness tool can bring you into notice with a wider audience than regular paid advertising. One of the bonus factors when crowdsourcing is that your reach is almost entirely organic. Every person who interacts, shares, and contributes to your brand promotion will do it because they want to.

The legendary Ice Bucket Challenge that raised awareness for ALS not only went viral but netted a whopping $115 million for research. It reached people from every age, race, location, and wealth demographic around the world. The Ice Bucket Challenge gave ALS the largest awareness platform in its history of fundraising. That is crowdsourcing brand awareness at its finest.

Is Highly Trackable
When you utilize crowdsourcing as a method for increasing brand awareness, a bonus factor is that you can make it highly trackable. During the Ice Bucket Challenge, the point wasn’t to dump a bucket of ice and move about the day. The call to action had people donating and posting about it. Whether your brand awareness campaign encourages people to post, tweet, share, or email to five people, you can set up an entirely trackable campaign.

Is Endlessly Expandable
The beautiful thing about a crowdsourcing campaign is that it is infinitely expandable. You can create a campaign to boost any product, service, or aspect of your company. Starbucks crowdsourced white cup designs. Lay’s crowdsources new flavor for their potato chips every year. Doritos crowdsources Super Bowl commercials. Each example uses a different end product, but one result is achieved: greater interaction and awareness for their brands.The possibilities are limitless. Use plenty of creativity, and you’ll have your consumers creating a buzz that will bring others on board.

Has No Geographic Boundaries
Think about it: An advertisement campaign that promotes your business to every county in every state in America, then hops the ocean and goes to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and circles back around to South America, all for less than the cost of one geographically-located ad campaign. Sound impossible? Not when you crowdsource.
Go back to the Ice Bucket Challenge. The hype didn’t stop at the borders of California, Washington D.C., or New York. It didn’t even stop after it hit South America or Europe. In fact, it didn’t stop at all. Actors, sports stars, and international celebrities joined in on the challenge. And as celebrities around the world dumped ice, their fans followed suit — millions of them.
By crowdsourcing your brand awareness campaigns, you’ll not only reach your immediate consumer base, but your campaign has unlimited reach potential. Thanks to the internet and social media, there are no limits to your campaign.

Provides Greater Interaction
Your consumers want to get involved with your company. Crowdsourcing campaigns allow them to do so. When you give consumers ownership in your brand, you get everyone excited about your product and your company.

Do it right, and your customers become your greatest cheerleaders, marketing leads, brand ambassadors, sales generators, and creative think tanks. Some of the most significant ad campaigns of all time were crowdsourced. Don’t let this opportunity pass you. Leverage the power, voice, and network of your consumer base, and you’ll be amazed where they take you.

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