In many aspects of our lives, we turn to trained professionals to ensure the work we need done is completed to perfection.

If you have a leaking shower, you call a plumber. Need a haircut? See a hairstylist. And a tax preparer or accountant is the perfect person to help with your business taxes. But what if your business needed a new brochure, tradeshow booth or packaging? Would you hire a professional graphic designer or graphic design firm? For many companies, the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!” But for countless others, graphic design work is seen as a DIY endeavor. The time involved in finding a graphic design professional and the expense are two oft-cited reasons that non-designers take on design work, but the argument in favor of outsourcing is a strong one. Here are seven reasons why hiring a professional graphic designer or design firm is a smart investment for businesses of all sizes:

1. Focus on your area of expertise
Whether you’re a small business owner or the head of marketing at a Fortune 500 company, your plate is already full of things you need to do to ensure your company succeeds. Graphic design work shouldn’t be one of those things if it isn’t your area of expertise. Instead, focus on the things that you do well and that your colleagues and customers count on you for, and let a graphic design firm handle your company’s visual image.

2. Look professional.
There’s no shortage of free or low-cost design programs available today. But at what cost to your business? Amateur design work makes your organization look anything but professional. We live in a very visual society where consumers favor companies with sophisticated branding. Designing brochures and sell sheets in a program like Microsoft Word won’t deliver on that expectation and conveys a lack of professionalism.

3. Avoid costly mistakes.
Do you know how to prepare a document for printing? Commercial printers have very exact standards and guidelines that you must follow to ensure that your printed materials come out the way you anticipate them. Not following these guidelines means that you could incur charges for the printer to fix your artwork or, worse yet, that you have to pay to have your pieces reprinted due to mistakes on your end.

4. Stay on-trend.
Much like fashion, graphic design trends change regularly. Professional design firms know this and make it their business to stay on top of trends. They also realize the importance of balancing trends with classic design principles to ensure that your logo, website or other major project doesn’t look dated after a year. They can also advise you on trends for your specific industry, and which ones to ignore or explore.

5. Maintain consistency.
Professional graphic designers can sometimes be thought of as the brand police. That’s because they have very exacting standards for what branded materials should look like and how they coordinate with one another. And that consistency is essential for creating a memorable and easily identifiable brand. A graphic design firm can also help you create a comprehensive brand standards guide so you ensure consistency in every aspect of your company’s branding.

6. Stand out from the crowd.
It’s important to pay attention to your competition, but it’s also very easy to get too caught up in what the other guy is doing. As an impartial third-party, a professional graphic design firm can help you keep your – or your bosses’ – temptation to mimic in check. So, instead of creating a clever ad campaign filled with talking animals just because your biggest competitor did, a design firm can help you go your own way. They can help tap into what is unique about your business, and help you stand out from the crowd in the process.

7. Make a good impression.
You know what they say about making a good first impression, right? Well, that really goes for all impressions. Today’s discerning consumers are increasingly focused on the customer experience. They want every interaction with a business to leave a positive impression and to flow seamlessly from one interaction to the next. Good design plays a big part in that experience. A professional design firm can ultimately help convert prospects into paying customers and paying customers to loyal fans.

Ready to reap the benefits of working with a professional design firm?
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