When Building Your Brand, Let Good Design Be Your Superpower

When Building Your Brand, Let Good Design Be Your Superpower

A brand is more than just a logo design. If you have worked in marketing for even a short amount of time, you have likely heard this phrase on numerous occasions. The modern view of branding is that it consists of every element that constitutes an organization’s look and feel – it’s how brands differentiate themselves from one another and are recognized by consumers. On a deeper level, branding is a visual promise that represents the very heart and vision of a business.

Yet despite the recent shift from the more traditional view of branding as purely visual, design is still an essential part of how consumers experience brands today. Here are five reasons why design can’t be overlooked by businesses looking to build their brands:

1. It’s unforgettable.
Think about a trip to the grocery store for a minute. You may not remember the exact name for a new type of toothpaste or tile cleaner that you just tried, but chances are very good that you remember the packaging. Design makes it so that consumers don’t have to always remember every detail of their purchases; a product or service can be memorable based on visuals alone. When looking at logos alone, studies have shown that most people can recall and recognize logos with ease and accuracy – making logos one of the most important and unforgettable elements of good brand design.

2. It drives conversions.
When you think of conversions, words are likely the first things that come to mind. After all, you need to tell people what actions you want them to take, lest your campaigns fail. But design plays an important role in conversions too. In subtle ways, graphic design draws the eye to a certain place or guides readers down a webpage or through a piece of marketing collateral. It also reinforces your branding and the trust you have earned with customers through your brand also helps drive conversions.

3. It reinforces messaging.
Copy and design go together like peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, or any other famous duo you can think of. While you need words to convey messages, that copy will fall flat without design. Take marketing for a new car, for example. The words can tell you about the sleek design, spacious interior and world-class safety features, but you need images to bring those descriptions to life. Graphic design reinforces messaging and, together, they build your brand.

4. It creates a seamless experience.
There’s a lot of talk today about customer experience, and for good reason. According to eConsultancy, 89 percent of consumers said a great customer experience is a key factor in brand loyalty. Yet, per a survey from Zendesk, 87 percent of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a seamless experience. Design can help deliver. Whether someone is looking at an ad for your business, visiting your Facebook page or unboxing your product, design can help evoke emotions and reactions. It can help create a familiar feel that is unique to your brand and builds trust with individuals at every step in the customer journey.

5. It drives purchases.
What separates good products and services from great ones? Sometimes the answer is simply their marketing and design. Think about the last time you weren’t sure which soap, for example, to buy at the store. If you didn’t already have a preferred brand – and sometimes despite already having a favorite – the packaging is likely to influence your purchasing decision. And you might even pay more for a product with great design. The same is true when it comes to services. If, for example, you are researching a new hair salon, one with a stylish website and branding can easily and subtly help sway and finalize your selection.
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