Why Animation is a Must for Marketing Your Business

Why Animation is a Must for Marketing Your Business

If you have ever shied away from using animated motion graphics for your advertising, it’s high time to reconsider. In the past, you may have thought the motion graphics to be ideal for advertising children’s products, but not as appropriate for promoting goods or services that were deemed more serious, such as financial or healthcare services. Fast forward to 2017! With the advent of more sophisticated motion graphics software, the medium has become a much more established and effective method for conveying messages, stories and promotions.

Over the past decade, Pixar has been the trail-blazer and continues to raise animation to new heights. The animated films of today are so sophisticated that audiences around the globe continue to be wowed from the stunning and somewhat startling duplication of real life, seamless editing and impeccable storytelling. The advertising and marketing industries are not far behind.

Generally, animated motion graphics campaigns are more visually engaging than those that are static. Specific components, such as logos, can be fabricated to be larger than life and clearly enhance the brand’s message. The “supporting cast” can also provide visual stimulation in ways that synergistically reinforce the company’s image. The fact is, animated products that dance, sing and come alive are more likely to engage viewers, even if they are the most practical, sensible products on the market.

Techniques that work
Some animation techniques are more potent than others, but like any marketing process, the results rely on all of the elements being skillfully blended together by animation professionals.

Although some may not love the GEICO gecko, one must admit he is memorable and has gained quite a bit of notoriety as the company mascot. The gecko punctuates the off-beat, analogous story-lines that are significantly different from the company’s competitors. The “15-minute call could save you” message is heard and remembered. Conversely, many television ads that use real-life spokespeople fail because viewers remember the celebrity, but not the product.

The whiteboard animation technique is simple but engaging and consists of an animated drawing of the artist recording himself in the process of developing the artwork. The use of whiteboard animation has become extremely popular, particularly for products and services that are more easily understood when they are explained and demonstrated. This technique is widely used for webinars and internet ads.

As you can see by these two examples, simplicity and movement capture attention. Contrary to action-packed or slow-moving visual, brand animation is generally paced in unhurried, but continuous, movements that develop momentum for the company’s unique selling proposition and brand.

Other significant benefits
While budget isn’t always a consideration, motion graphics is cost-efficient and saves time in more ways than one. For example, a thoroughly planned project can be edited into a series of ads, videos or webinars rather than the scheduling, recording and mixing stages required for live-action.

Plus, the data is digitally stored so at a later date it can be transformed into something completely different! Professional software includes bells and whistles like special effects and the ability to lay down new audio tracks, music and more!
If you want your brand to be seen as unique and stand apart from other parity products, animated motion graphics is an impactful and effective way to go. After all, influence, persuasion and sales are the goals all advertisers aim to achieve. We believe animation is a MUST for business advertising!

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