Tell Me More — The Impact of Storytelling on Marketing

Today, people are so saturated with ads, videos, and more. Grabbing and keeping the attention of your audience is no easy task. In order for your marketing to captivate, you need to connect. To do this, you can try telling your customers a story — not just talking at them. With storytelling, you are able to better connect with an audience and build a relationship so they can picture themselves working with your business.

Why storytelling?

There are many benefits of storytelling for your brand’s marketing efforts. Some of these go back to our early childhood: little kids learn through stories for a reason. We are able to learn through sharing stories of experiences and lessons, so by using stories for marketing purposes, you are able to share what your product or service means and how it has helped others in the past.
In addition, storytelling helps improve your audience’s perception of the brand. Because it’s an important part of the human experience, storytelling can connect with your audience and communicate messages in a more positive way than people often perceive other marketing or advertising strategies. Beyond building and maintaining an audience, you may also notice an increase in engagement once you start using storytelling. The connection people will feel may drive them to take action and engage with your brand more on social media and other digital spaces, maybe even sharing it with their friends and family.

What storytelling might look like for your marketing

There isn’t just one, single way to infuse storytelling into your marketing. But finding the right fit for your brand may take a little research or trial and error as you work to find the right balance and platform for your audience. You may need to go out and find stories if you can’t think of one off the top of your head (but keep in mind, storytelling for marketing needs to remain honest and truthful – don’t worry though, because you do have stories you can tell!). The most common ways you see brands telling stories are through videos or blogs. However, you can also tell a story through social media posts (like Instagram Stories, Facebook posts, or tweets). Photos and videos can really help provide a visualized story for people to be able to relate to your company in a way they couldn’t before the story.

Here are a few places to start when exploring stories for your brand.

Your origin story: How did your brand come to be? You may have a really enticing story with how your founders thought of and started the business and grew it into what it has become today. By getting back to your roots, you may be able to draw in your audience with the human side of your story.

Events or experiences: Events can offer so many ways to tell a story in a visual way. Have your employees attended events? Your employees can share the story of what they learned or gained from attending an event. Has your business thrown an event? Customer appreciation events or educational events can be a great place to gather and share stories. You can share the story of why you had an event, or ask your customers to participate and share their experiences at the event and with your company.

Community involvement: If your business is involved in your local community in any way, this may be a great story to tell. A lot of businesses give back somehow, and those stories can resonate well with an audience as they get to see the more human, personal side of your brand.

Implement user-generated content and stories: One of the best ways to begin storytelling is to use the stories of people who are already your customers. If you have an active social media following, you have probably seen at least a few posts you were tagged in of people who use your product or service. You can reach out to them and start creating storytelling pieces around their experiences and how you have helped them with some need or desire they had for your product or service.

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