Use Impactful Design to Create Marketing Emails that Drive Sales

Email marketing can be a powerful, inexpensive way to grow your business. Leading marketing platform HubSpot discovered that:

● Email marketing generates $38 for every dollar spent (3,800% ROI)
● There are 3.9 billion daily email users
● 80% of business professionals say that email marketing increases customer retention

And the list of astounding email marketing statistics goes on. If you’re convinced you need an email marketing strategy, let’s take a closer look at what that looks like.

Email marketing is essentially the act of using email to share updates about your company and connect with your audience. There are different kinds of emails that work together to create a strong, magnetic brand and drive sales.

Kinds of Emails that Pilot Business Growth

1. Product Update Emails
This is the most well-known kind of marketing email and the one that really is about directly promoting your business. Let your clients know when you have promotions or new product features, so they can take advantage of them (and convert them into sales).

2. Content Emails
If you are taking the time to create valuable resources such as infographics, blog posts, or white labels — share them in an email. According to HubSpot, 53% of consumers say free content on a topic they are interested in attracts them to a business.

3. Relationship Building Emails
Send your clients warm holiday wishes or just check-in and let them know you are still available to help them. The little thought can go a long way in forming a long-lasting relationship.

4. Thank You Emails
When someone subscribes to your email list, a thank you email is a way to engage them and get them excited about your brand. Thank you emails are also an effective strategy to acknowledge form submissions and new customers. The goal is to make your clients feel valued.

Bonus Tip- Direct clients to key resources and more information in your thank you emails.

5. Review Request Emails
Your clients can be your biggest advocates and most of them are happy to be. Prospective clients are always interested in hearing what your existing customers have to say. Review request emails are a great way to collect positive testimonials that you can therefore use to draw in new business.

6. Targeted Emails
Finally, your entire database does not necessarily want to receive all of your emails. Over 77% of email marketing ROI comes from segmenting your contacts. Think about it. Current customers don’t want or need the same information as prospective customers, and 20-year-olds aren’t necessarily interested in the same services as 50-year-olds. The more targeted and relevant your emails, the better engagement and higher sales results.


Design Matters

Emails that sell are not just about the written component. There are design aspects that should be incorporated for optimal conversions. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Have a Clear, Visible Logo
Including your logo at the header of the email immediately promotes brand recognition.

2. Use Your Brand Colors
Can you imagine if McDonald’s sent you an email that incorporated pink and purple as the main colors instead of red and yellow? The visual elements of your email need to work together for a sense of brand cohesion.

3. Include a Clear Call-to-Action
Make it easy for clients to convert by strategically and visually showing them where to do so.

4. Add Social Channels and Contact Information
In addition to the call to action, add social icons to further engage your database on social media. Also, be sure to make contact information easily spottable.

5. Don’t Forget to Include an Image
Emails with visuals are 80% more likely to be read. However, it is important to add images using design best practices, including making sure you have the correct file types and sizes, as well as making sure the image fits visually with your brand.


Make Sure Your Emails are Deliverable

Even well written, well-designed sales emails aren’t going to be effective if they don’t reach their intended recipients. That’s where the concept of email deliverability, or the ability to deliver emails into mailboxes, comes into play. For optimal email health, follow these tips.

1.Don’t Buy Email Lists
For best email performance and to avoid being marked as spam, make sure your email contacts are expecting to hear from you.

2. Offer an Email Opt-Out Option and Include Your Business Contact Details
Not only does this make your emails more deliverable, but it is also compliant with the US-CAN Spam Act.

3. Avoid Spam Words, Especially in Your Subject Line
There are certain trigger words that indicate to email servers that your message could be spam, including “free,” “giving away,” and “certified.” See HubSpot’s full list of email spam words for further reference.

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